So excited to share some of the photographs I took of Kristi the creator and designer behind enCircled.
This girl has it all. Beauty, brains, style and booming (eco-friendly) business! Ya, she is that awesome…
Right before my euro trip Kristi sent me over my very own Chrysalis Cardi! Needless to say I was so excited and after travelling with it everywhere let me tell you, I’m not ever going anywhere without it! It is versatile and easy to use…as you can see below I wore the Cardi as a scarf to the Eiffel tower and then literally there where I was standing changed into a second look (keeping’ it real and classy always ;D)
 Next stop…Greece! I knew I wanted to sport the back chic bow in Paris just as much as I knew the one shoulder “grecian goddess” look would totally play the part in Greece!
 Sunrise in Corfu…oh how I miss the beautiful ocean
I cannot even tell you how soft and comfortable it is…wrap this baby around you and you’ll have the best nap of your life! see below
I am so excited to see what Kristi has in the works next! I know if it’s like the Chrysalis Cardi it will be a big hit!
Head on over to enCircled now to see all the other ways to wear it!
Lots of love,
Quote of the day:
“Creativity is intelligence having fun”
– Albert Einstein
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