The great frost / ice storm of 2013.  I am sure you all may have seen via social media (but in case you haven’t) Three days before Christmas Toronto was hit with the worst ice storm we’ve ever had.  The storm left everything completely covered in thick ice.  Thousands of people were left without power for days, millions of dollars worth of damage & broken trees everywhere that made streets of the GTA look like something out of “The day after tomorrow”.  Everyone’s holiday plans were turned upside down and inside out as family and friends house hoped to whoever still had power.

But, what is it that they say? Look for the rainbow in every storm?  When I woke up and saw everything draped in ice I was speechless.  I had never seen anything more beautiful in my life.  I grabbed my camera, bundled up like a snowman and ran outside to slide around (holding my camera for dear life) and document what mother nature left behind.
As for putting a dent in Christmas plans, it slowed everything and everyone down.  Instead of running around for last minute Christmas gifts, groceries etc.  all my family (and we’re Greek so when I say immediate family it means 20+ people) spent days with each other enjoying each others company.  Christmas day felt like it was 3 days long. I love that it forced everyone to slow down, remember what Christmas is supposed to be all about and to just enjoy the bonus family time.
Oh and…by now, y’all know how much I love Disney.  Have you seen Frozen yet? I went to watch it with all my little cousins over the Christmas break.  Needless to say, LOVED it (how can you not fall in love with Olaf? And sure the fact that one of the Princess’ was Princess Anna sat nicely with me!) This soundtrack has been playing pretty frequently since we saw the movie & was listening to it while editing these photographs! Enjoy!

Frozen by Annawithlove on Grooveshark

Beautiful right?
I find these photographs very calming and after watching Frozen, it was like we all had our own winter wonderland ice palace 😉 (AND, if you haven’t seen Frozen yet….what are you waiting for?)
Lots of love,
Quote of the day:
“Some people are worth melting for”
Olaf, Disney’s Frozen
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