Goofy is my fave!
Mickey was excited we were on our Honeymoon
 Oh you know…chatting with my gal-pal Ariel
 Selfie’s pre Space Mountain (left) & It’s A Small World (right)
 When we first started dating we would always joke we were more like Donal & Daisy vs. Mickey & Minnie 😛 We are cheesy like that!
 Main Street filled with carols, Christmas decor & snow to top it off
 Little girl perched on her dad’s shoulders to see Cinderella’s Castle all light up

Two things: You are never too old for Disney. It is happiest place on Earth (and where all the happy people are!). This much I know to be true.

When Kosta and I arrived at the gates to get our tickets the cheerful woman excitedly asked “would you like to stay after hours for our Christmas Party?” My eyes widened, glanced at Ko who was already smiling at me because he knew that answer “YEAH WE WOULD!” From 7pm-Midnight the park closes and tansforms into a huge Christmas party/winter wonderland.  Characters in their Holiday get ups, Santa Clause Parades every 30 min, free cookies and hot chocolate all over the park and finally the most spectacular firework show you have ever seen.  Breathtakingly beautiful, it was a day we’ll always remember and a perfect start to our Honeymoon.

Hope you enjoyed all the photographs!  Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you all have the most blessed and wonderful holidays!

Lots of love

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