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Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadians!
Counting the biggest blessing in my life which I am most thankful for...him.

Photograph by Sachin Kohna

6am. Eiffel Tower. Madly in Love.

{We were lucky & blessed enough to take our engagement photographs in my beloved Paris, was a dream come true and no one could have delivered a better experience and gorgeous set of photographs than Sachin...but lots more on this later ;D}

In two weeks time I will officially become a Mrs. and be married to the love of my life!

I've made the decision to walk away from the blog for the next few weeks.  Recently I talked about the importance of unplugging from time to time.  Sometimes it's good to walk away and go actually live life & be completely present, no distractions, no deadlines.  I can't think of a better time to really unplug than right now.  I'm off to enjoy the next two weeks of pre-wedding excitement.  Enjoying time with family & close friends and soaking it all in.

Sending you all so much love & thanks!

What to except when I return?
- All the Paris photographs from this trip (LOTS more)
- Stories & adventures from Greece
- A brand new fine art collection (!!)
- Vegas weekend getaway (if you follow me on instagram you'll have already seen some peeks)
- TONS of new fun photoshoots & even more fun collabs

Lots of love,
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  1. That picture!!!!! Enjoy the next couple of weeks and all the fun and excitement!!!


    Five Minute Style 

  2. oh my gosh that picture!!!! I'm so excited for you my dear. Soak up every second!

  3. Beautiful photo! I hope you have an amazing two weeks and the most incredible wedding day celebrating with family and friends! All the best Anna and my biggest congratulations to you.

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  6. wow. just wow. that picture is amazing!



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