Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadians!
Counting the biggest blessing in my life which I am most thankful for…him.

Photograph by Sachin Kohna
6am. Eiffel Tower. Madly in Love.
{We were lucky & blessed enough to take our engagement photographs in my beloved Paris, was a dream come true and no one could have delivered a better experience and gorgeous set of photographs than Sachin…but lots more on this later ;D}
In two weeks time I will officially become a Mrs. and be married to the love of my life!
I’ve made the decision to walk away from the blog for the next few weeks.  Recently I talked about the importance of unplugging from time to time.  Sometimes it’s good to walk away and go actually live life & be completely present, no distractions, no deadlines.  I can’t think of a better time to really unplug than right now.  I’m off to enjoy the next two weeks of pre-wedding excitement.  Enjoying time with family & close friends and soaking it all in.

Sending you all so much love & thanks!

What to except when I return?
– All the Paris photographs from this trip (LOTS more)
– Stories & adventures from Greece
– A brand new fine art collection (!!)
– Vegas weekend getaway (if you follow me on instagram you’ll have already seen some peeks)
– TONS of new fun photoshoots & even more fun collabs


Lots of love,
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