Last month we took a mini weekend vacay to Washington, DC for my cousin’s wedding.  A lot of site-seeing, family jams, and making fun memories was packed into three days.  Here is my little travel diary (part one).

I love aerial photographs…if they let me out on the wing to take some photos I would have jumped right out
I have this rule.  Room service is always a do!
Kosta is obsessed with airplanes.  Since it was his first time in DC I knew I had to take him to the hanger no matter what. He was on cloud nine which made it all that much more enjoyable for my little sis and I.  Only disappointment was that I didn’t see any Deceptacon symbols on any of the aircrafts…
If possible, Ko snapped more photos than me!
Above: Felt fitting. Love ya little sis.
A very happy fiance
Seeing the concord was definitely a highlight, this photograph doesn’t do justice to just how big it was
Ko being our personal tour guide, I was shocked with how much he knew about planes!
photo cred: my little sis, starting her from young 😉
Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Quote of the day:
“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventrues
– Lovelle Drachman