When I started this series I wanted it to be honest and actually help other domestically challenged people like me.  A place on the web where you can come learn a trick or two and see what not to do.

At the beginning I knew there would be some ups but mostly a lot of downs.

Remember my mention to the bunt cake massacre of 2009? Well, I give you the rainbow cupcake massacre of 2012.  Visually more appealing, same ol’ mess.

I not only burnt these innocent cupcakes but I also…forgot the Pam…again.

I wish I was making this up.

I’ll start from the beginning…round one.
I found this recipe a few years ago from this blog, it’s such a fun idea to swap in the normal ingredients for some diet pop.  Head over there to see the rainbow cake!
Cake mix
Diet Sprite or ginger ale (1 can per cake box)
food colouring
 (yup, that’s it! follow the photos for the directions!)
What I learned (round one):
1. Food colouring, oh man does it ever stain (my fingers were Ty-dyed)

2. So as you saw above I forgot the pam, I thought I was okay with the non-stick pan and all but nope.  Then I burnt them (the fancy yellow mix tricked me, it looked like it was still doughy but was cooked…the extra 5 minutes did those poor rainbow cakes in)…and THEN I realized instead of pouring 255mL into the mix (one can per box) I put in 355mL.  Sticky burnt paste. Oh what a glorious texture.

3. To remove food colouring from counter use Mr. clean magic eraser (woah works wonders!)

4. I now understand the importance of planning ahead and measuring.  TIP: Pick your base colour this bowl should have more than the others, the second colour a little less. Turns out I was wrong to make all the bowls equal (see below). Sounds like a no brainier…but yes I did not anticipate this, I crossed my fingers hoped for the best…living and learning.

and so…onto round two
 I wasn’t taking any chances this time, so hello cute little cupcake cups!
 already learning from round one, same patterns and proper amounts!
Baking instructions:
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees for 18 minutes (safe bet: follow the boxes instructions is
What I learned (round 2):
1. Don’t worry if things don’t turn out the way you hoped.  It’s a learning experience and every mistake will get you closer to perfecting it the next time!

I’m about to get after school special on you all….Learn with me, grow with me & we’ll soon be domestic goddesses..and with that my domestication continues 😉
Hope you all enjoyed this
Lots of love,