The domestication continues with one of my favorite snacks/desserts: Banana ChocChip anything! This was supposed to be banana bread but I couldn’t find the proper baking pan so I opted for muffins.   This is probably the easiest recipe you can get, my friends mother gave it to me a few years back and although it’s fairly easy…I have yet to perfect it.
Things I learned / Note to self…for next time:
1. Check to make sure the oven is empty before you pre-heat….
2. PAM…do not forget the Pam, this is a mistake I seem to always make no matter how many times I remind myself “don’t forget the pam” “don’t forget the pam”….yeah, I forgot the pam.  Thankfully I used Mama T’s brand spanking new non-stick muffin pans and they were amazing! Those suckers poped right out…not like my bunt cake massacre of 2011…yikes.

3. Cupcake pans are a surprising pain the rear to wash

4. Toothpicks are a necessity to checking when done (see image below…”ouuu” “ahhh”)

5. It’s probably a good idea to slow down the mixer and then add the flour to avoid winter in your kitchen

6. I never knew how to effectively remove the mixture from the wisp thingy <– wispy thingy, that’s legit right? I sure know what I’m talking about ;)….SO…lower the mixing bowl then turn the mixer to high speed and all the excess mixture just flies right off. Easy Peasy. Thanks Mama T!

NOTE! BAKE TIME: The cake recipe said one hour so I thought 30 minutes would be best for muffins. They were a lot a bit well done for my taste I’d recommended checking at the 20 minute mark and go from there…I guess I took my “you don’t have to stand right by the oven” rule too from this post a bit too literally and left thinking..pshh, I got this! No. No I didn’t.  Well, there is always next time!
Hope you all enjoyed! xo
Quote of the day:
“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt” – Charles M. Schulz