Note to Self / no.1

NEW SERIES: I been brewing this series for a little over a month. I wanted to create a little space on the blog to give a weekly boost of inspiration/motivation or just something to remember/think about. They will all be things I constantly remind myself. I figured why not share them with you all & have some fun while we are at it!

This one is actually a big fancy post-it note on my mirror.  Yes. I am one of those people who post inspirational and motivational notes everywhere. I love it and highly recommend it.

Think quality over quantity.  I repeat this to myself all the time when I’m working on blog posts especially. Sometimes I don’t have “the best” content and there was a time when I was just posting photographs for the sake of posting…BIG MISTAKE!
Always put your best content out, while it’s good to be consistent and many people encourage you to “post daily” proceed with caution…remember the old saying? “If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all” well to put it bluntly…”if you don’t have anything nice to blog, don’t blog at all”  You should absolutely strive for consistency while blogging but consistency at a level of excellence. This helps with getting a great reputation & people will get used to knowing every post on your blog is going to be awesome! You’ll get more page views and more loyal followers. WOO-HOO

Apply quality over quantity everywhere.  Your friends? Better to have two or three amazing best friends you can count on than a whole bunch of acquaintances who disappear when you’re in need. When shopping? Took me a while to apply this to shopping, I see a sign that says $14.99 t-shirts and I just gotta have it in EVERY colour…pause…stop…think quality over quantity…better to have that one pair of shoes/shirts/dresses you love than a bunch of cheap “meh” ones…you get the idea

So ladies & gents…quality over quantity, always with everything!
Hope y’all enjoyed this first segment of note to self
Quote of the day:
“Would you do your job and not be paid for it? I would do this job, and take on a second job just to make ends meet if nobody paid me. That’s how you know you are doing the right thing.”