Thursday, May 17, 2012

Handmade Jewelry by Lucid New York

Happy Thursday all! Very excited for today's post.  May I introduce to you handmade jewelry by the talented Anna Sabino!

I was happy when Anna got in touch with me (and not only because I love meeting other fab people with the same name as me) her designs are so beautiful and elegant.  I especially love this ring...oh and this ring...and this one too.  The bracelet above is perfect for layering bracelets or just wearing it simply on it's own (and it comes in a beautiful purple too!)

Head on over to her online shop and have a look!
Enter the code LD20D and get 20% off ! 

Anna, thank you again for the lovely bracelet (I'm wearing it today!)

Enjoy! xo

Quote of the day:
"What we see depends mainly on what we look for"



  1. Oh wow, these pictures are amazing! Thank you, Anna! Also your readers can get 20% off by using the code LN20D.

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  4. What a splendidly marvelous collection! I'm a huge vintage brooch fan, too, and really began to build up my collection a serious way last year. just one year of really collecting costume jewelry brooches to remember a time when I didn't have them to reach for each morning

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