Domesticate Me: Christmas Cookies

So I guess I didn’t get kicked out of the kitchen after all…I managed to snap a bunch of photos as my mother sister and I baked throughout the evening.  Eventually I got tired of washing my hands every 3 seconds to go back and forth from rolling out the dough to handling the camera so I put it away for good. 

These are cookies are called “Kourabiedes” in Greek….basically walnut sugar butter cookies….you can just call them snow or icing sugar cookies.  They are delicious and heavenly…I will be eating them non-stop throughout the Holidays.

On a complete side-note…the title of this blog post may very well develop into a series come January.  There is a bit of an on going joke in the family about how I am not really “domestic”…like, at all…seriously sometimes it’s pretty pathetic.  By the end of making the these cookies I looked like a snowman.

I’ve been thinking about doing this series since the summer but kept pushing it back and back.  I just rather spend all my spare time taking photographs and blogging then mastering the art of cooking etc. Buuut I think it’s a time I learned a thing or two! Lesson from this experience? Wear an apron.

We’ll see what January brings 🙂 xoxo

Quote of the day:
“and if the music is good, you dance”