Happy Monday Everyone!

I have been excited to post the rest of this series since July!! This shoot was a great learning experience because it really forced me to edit my work (as I wrote in the sneak peek post…every other shot I loved). When you are best friends with someone since childhood you see them a certain way…I was excited to photograph Jo (aka. Georgia) because I just knew she would be great in front of the camera…what I wasn’t expecting was just how great she would be! I put the camera down at one point and said…”okay, who are you?!”…as Tyra would say…Fierce! (she also would have been impressed by her ability to smile with her eyes…Jo impressive!)

If you want to see the images bigger just click on the image!…Now, I’ll let the photos do the talking, enjoy! xo

Once the sun went down and we went back to my home we still were pretty energetic and didn’t want 
the fun to stop! I had been wanting to use my light to photograph something so we did Jo up in a complete opposite look, set up the light outside against my neighbors brick wall and had fun experimenting! Jo
thank you for withstanding the thousands of mosquitoes all around us…love you ten fold for it!

Hope you all enjoyed these! There are lots more on my facebook page so check it out if you like! CLICK HERE