100 Things {week ten!!}

Happy Monday everyone!

What a whirlwind last week was, cannot believe I have been back for an entire week (where did it go?!). I finally am over my jet legged and feeling semi-back to normal/caught up.

I am so sad that this is the last week of the 100 things series…I was not as consistent as I hoped (technically this post should be tomorrow) but I am proud that I actually saw it through to the end amongst all the day-to-day chaos!

My final ten things are all from Greece…I found myself day and night grinning from ear to ear…everything is better there. My best friend Georgia once told me “You can be sitting on a balcony doing nothing in Greece and you will still be having a better time that you would back home…” You know what…she is absolutely right!

Thanks for all the love and support with this series, a big thank you to the lovely Sofia for starting this series and inviting all bloggers to give it a try! I highly recommend it, I will miss it and I know I’m going to have to do some sporadic happy things posts in the months to come.

Enjoy! xo

#91 Long days spent on the beach

#92 Walking along the dock and finding boats named after me! So exciting each time…and
maybe just maybe I pretended in my mind it was my boat…no harm in that!

#93 Frappe’s in Greece…I had to cut myself off from having 5x a day…so good

#94 Souvenir shopping, so many fun things to look that and bring home as gifts!

#95 These mini ice cream cones made me smile every day…how cute are they?!

#96 Being able to nap until 11pm and then get up, great ready and enjoy a lovely dinner
at midnight (followed by fabulous beverages) and this be perfectly normal in Greece.
Love it!

#97 Sunsets like these…

#98 Views like this….

#99 Shopping in Greece! Dangerous on the bank account but so fun!

#100 The feeling of the ocean running through your toes…calming and lovely.

Till the next series! xo