100 Things {week nine}

Happy Friday everyone! Second last week of the 100 things series, so sad that it’s coming to an end! I will be delayed posting my final week for when I am back from the vacay…I just know some of my favorite things will be over in Europe to photograph 😉

#81 Have a free night to get in some reading with an amazing book

#82 Make a wish! Blowing out your birthday candles…happy happy

#83 Finding money you a. forgot you had b. thought you lost…AWESOME!

#84 Finally beating that difficult level on Angry Brids…you feel invincible…trust me…until the
next difficult level…start from the beginning and repeat.

#85 Nightgowns…really helps you sleep better

#86 Disney movies…Classic…everyone cried in the Lion King don’t even try and say you didn’t

#87 Pretty Drinks! Love all the colours

#88 Romantic candle lit dinners

#89 Playing around with Make-up

#90 Old Family Albums filled with amazing memories…one of my favorite things to do
and gives me instant happiness


  • Yay to Canadian money!!! 🙂

    ~ KristinSavageTravels.blogspot.com ~

  • Nyla says:

    Looking forward to see your pics from Europe!! Hope you have a lovely time… but you should bring a raincoat!! It's raining a lot lately 🙁

    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  • I am so excited to have stumbled across your blog! Your photography is beautiful. I am so so looking forward to following!
    Wishing I could find a CAD $20 in my bag and beat the next level of Angry Birds.
    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!