100 Things {week six}

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I had fun with this weeks it's been a great challenge to get all the photos done in time I'm really enjoying it. Hope you do too!

#51 Vintage Polaroid camera, even if they don't work just to have on display makes me smile

#52 Art Supplies...especially paint brushes not sure why but I love me some paint brushes

#53 Big Scarves...well scarves in general actually

#54 Decorative boxes, bonus points if they are frilly and girly like this one

#55 GELATO / ICE CREAM (Mint Chocolate = happiness on crack)

#56 Fireworks. Anytime. Anywhere.

#57 Chunky rings...LOVE big rings

#58 Bacon...yes yes, you read right...Bacon..that fatty greasy goodness makes me so happy
(especially at open breakfast buffets...MMMmmm)

#59 "Music is what feelings sound like" Bad Day Good Day? Music is always there

#60 Doodling! Especially when they turn out half decent and not a bunch of hearts, stars and your own name over and over again!

Till next week, bisous! xo


  1. We LOVE a lot of the same things! Scarves, Gelato, Cameras, Music, Everything! :D


  2. I love all of those things!!! :) Especially old cameras, paint brushes (I don't know why!!), fireworks, big rings, music, doodling! Ahhh! Love it :)

  3. I love that you love colours so much :)

  4. Thank you all for your sweet comments!! You are all fabulous x

  5. vintage polaroid cameras make me happy, too :)


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