100 Things {week seven}

Happy Tuesday everyone! I must say I really missed doing this post last week. Happy to be back at the ‘100 things series’ as inspired by the lovely Sofia at Sofia’s Journal! . Here we go!

#61 Champagne. I love celebrating with champagne but I also love having it for no particular reason.  Wednesday hump day? SURE!  Why wait for a special day? Every day is special 😉

#62 I hate socks in the summer, but in the winter nothing better than getting all cozy with 
thick comfy socks.

#63 LAUGHING! It is one of my favorite things to do…if you can make me laugh, we will likely
be friends.  What is better than those amazing laughs that leave your gasping for air
and make your abs feel like you just did p90x? exactly…
(yup that is meee, laughing away)

#64 Post-It Notes. Yeah…I’m that girl who sticks post-it’s on everything.

#65 Sparklers!!…I mean really how can you not smile? They are pure happiness.

#66 Sparkles and glitter…my 8 year old self never fully left me.

#67 Self Check-Out Aisles. 
I did not plan to have this in here but when the bf and I were shopping this past weekend and I got so excited to ‘beep’ all our items in the self check out I knew I had to include it.
Hey…it’s the little things in life right?

#68 My Happy Place.  Blogroll + coffee.

#69 Fresh Sheets…that feeling getting into your bed all clean smelling…pure relaxation


Hope you all enjoyed this weeks 10! xo