100 Things {week eight}

I cannot believe how quickly the time is going by…already at week eight! I am now brainstorming the final two weeks and really thinking hard about what makes me smile and happy. Hope you enjoy this week’s 100 things post xo

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#71 Writing Lists…I have lists of the lists that I need to make

#72 Masks. I absolutely adore them! I was in heaven in Venice I’m really hoping
one of these days someone throws a masquerade ball.

#73 Organizing my magazine clippings.  I love sitting on my bed movie in the background clipping and organizing away….bliss (plus a great way to get that added inspiration)

#74 Love…Love is the thing you know?
(I feel like I may have done this one already?…if I did OH WELL! it deserves two)

#75 Big Marshmallows…they need to be this size the small ones are cute and all but these ones
really make me happy (especially when making smoressss)

#76 Nicely wrapped presents. So sweet. So lovely.

#77 LEFTOVERS.  Talk about hitting the jackpot!

#78 Traveling.  Packing, getting on that plane.  If it were up to me I’d be traveling 6 months out of the year exploring new places.

#79 Chandeliers, they add so much elegance to a room.

AND last but not least…#80 my amazing bf (who also snapped the first photo for me…he is pretty good huh?!)

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