View from up here

Happy Friday!

The last morning we were in Florence we decided it would be fun to climb the 463 steps up to the top of the Duomo. Small dark staircases spiraling upwards, it was quite the trek…dripping in sweat (its difficult to do physical activity after you’ve been eating your body weight in pasta, pizza and gelato) we finally got to the top and this is what was waiting for us…without a doubt worth every step. It was the perfect ending to our stay in Florence.

In other news last night I spent the better half of my evening pinning away at Pinterest – its disgusting addictive and amazing…online inspiration boards – yes please! check out my profile –> annawithlove

Hope you all have a safe and fabulous weekend!

Enjoy xo

Quote of the day:
“All glory comes from daring to begin.” -Alexander Graham Bell