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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Thursday,

It feels like forever since I felt the warmth of the sun,seen animals or the fresh colours of nature and flowers...yes, I am officially over winter! Every March the same thing, the final stretch and everyday seems more and more painful until that one day of good weather.

Hope these photos warm you up (if you are in a place where it's still snowy and slushy)

In other news a big Happy Birthday to my bestie Chrissy! (and of course her twin brother Anthony :D) Love you both, wishing you a fabulous day! xo

Enjoy! xo

Quote of the day:
"Listen to your dreams. They're smarter than you are"


  1. Gorgeous photos..I for one am really looking forward to brighter skies and nature in full bloom, this winter has seemed a very long one!! Have a great day!! xx

  2. Like your blog ! Follow me at
    Kiss, Romina.

  3. beautiful images...all of them. lovely greetings

  4. Wow this place is beautiful!! I really like that bridge, you did such a great job capturing these gorgeous images

  5. these pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  6. What gorgeous photos! I am so looking forward to winter, we are just moving into Autumn now so I am loving layering on cardis, making hot teas, and snuggling in a comfy warm bed :)

  7. fabulous photos and just what i needed to help me through these gloomy toronto days! the rain just wont end! hopefully the skies will clear and we will get some sunshine and a warm up soooon!

  8. Fantastic photos! And you're right, march is tough!


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