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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

I hope you are all surviving the week. It seems like everyone (including myself) is feeling under the weather and battling some form of a cold. This post is my attempt to brighten my day a little and hopefully yours as well! This is the first set of photographs I've posted from Rome. The city was lovely, busy and had a great vibe it was really a shame we only had three days to explore and do as much as humanly possible! It was also right at the end of our euro leg trip so we were definitely slowing down. Regardless, we had an amazing time eating our body weight in pasta, gelato and pizza.

Hope you all have a fan-ta-bu-lous day!

Enjoy xo

Quote of the day:
"When in Rome, do as the Romans do"


  1. Rome is way high on my list of places I must go. I just know I'd love and be in complete awe of the magnificent architecture.

    I've really been enjoying your blog Anna - it's right up my street :)

    Just sent you a little email.
    Sofia x

  2. your photography is beautiful, the blossoms combined with such marvelous architecture are lovely.

    many thanks for your visit and sweet words xx

    your blog is adorable!

    warmest hugs


  3. Beautiful photos! Perfect weather on your trip!

  4. Beautiful photographs!!! I would love to go and experience Rome. Thanks for sharing

  5. Gorgeous photos! The color of the sky is beautiful! I went to Rome a couple of years ago and I cannot wait to go back. The shopping, the food, the wine, all fantastic!

  6. I love Rome too, is amazing!!
    kisses and thanks for your comment!



  7. So glad you all enjoyed the photos from Rome! xo

  8. Beautiful pictures! Especially the first one ((:
    wanna follow my blog?


  9. Gorgeous photos! I was lucky enough to visit Rome when I was in high school and loved it (how could you not?) I especially love the floral pictures.

  10. looove these photos! rome is defiantly on my to-visit wishlist :)
    xoxo jcd

  11. I live in Rome (: Next time you should stay a little more than three days! :D


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