Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011!

First post of the new year and I'm feeling good!

I love this photo because it was taken on the first night I was ever in Paris. I was traveling Europe with one of my best friends and by fluke we arrived in Paris on Bastille day. As soon as we arrived in the Hotel the concierge told us to somehow get to the Eiffel tower asap, so we dropped our luggage and raced there. We couldn't have arrived at a better time, I'd dreamed about going to Paris for most of my life and as we watched the most breathtaking fireworks over the Eiffel tower I fell in love with the city for real. I can't begin to explain how happy I was at that moment and this photo makes me remember that feeling (that is why I love photography).

I wish you all the health and happiness in 2011, may all your dreams and wishes come true! xo

Quote of the day:
"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right" - Oprah Winfrey


  1. that's awesome! must have been a beautiful sight! :)



  2. Lucky you! I would love to have seen this in person. Wonderful photo!

  3. ........|___|...
    ........|000|... un prósper
    ........|000|... any 2011!!!
    .........\00/.... Que aquest any abundi tot ho
    ..........\0/..... Bó
    ...........||...... amor,dinero,salut..
    ...........||......més festes!!

  4. Amazing picture!! I thought it was a painting!! :D

    Happy New Year :)

    Christine @ http://fancifulvision.blogspot.com

  5. that's a nice story. when we moved to Paris we arrived the day of the finale of the tour de france. it was a mess, people everywhere, streets closed off, nowhere to park, but it was def a memorable experience ;) not as photogenic as yours though!

  6. Hi Anna. Thank you for the kind comment you left on the guest post I did on Much Love a few weeks ago :)

    Gorgeous photo. And what a thing to experience!

  7. Thanks all for your sweet comments, I always appreciate them! xo

  8. Wow I just found you through Carla Coulson and I am blown away by your images (haven't stopped to read yet) do you work as a photographer? Off to have another look,

    ciao for now

    sorry couldn't see how to post with a url

  9. Beautiful image and beautiful blog! :) Paris in Pink


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