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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hello weekend and Christmas vacation!

First off I'd like to thank each and every one of you for entering the giveaway, your kind and sweet comments are really making my day! To my new followers welcome :). I'm so excited to pick a winner on Monday!

As I mentioned in this post my photography was going to be featured on SimplyHue's blog. On Thursday to my delight the spotlight went up, check it out here. SimplyHue is a lovely blog (one of my favorites) Vicki is extremely talented and I always know I can find such inspiring things on her blog. Thank you again Vicki!

Above are some mismatched photos for my beloved Paris, I just found out I will be going back to France in February! I am looking forward to returning to my favorite city in the world! Enjoy! xo



  1. Wow you take amazing pictures. I mean litterally, you capture so much life in each of them its astonishing. I would try and pick a favorite but all of them have such amazing features that I can't decide! But if I had too it would have to be the....third one just because of that hint of red amongst the tan. Beautiful! Your blog is so inspiring!

    Love from,

  2. your pictures are wonderful anna! love the one with lourve in it :) stunning pictures! and love the wheel too! i always wish i could take lovely pictures! i have a canon dsrl but never really manage to make good use of it! xxx <3


  3. i just found your beautious blog and have been loving scrolling around to look at all your ahhh-mazing snaps. congrats on the feature and the upcoming trip to France!!! so good. ♥

  4. Amazing shots!!! I love them all!!
    Thanks for sharing!!


  5. I love the photos of paris! i just returned from a weekend trip there and the snow was so wonderful!!


  6. Gorgeous photos. Wish i could visit

  7. Thanks everyone! Glad you all adore Paris as much as I do! xo

  8. I love these photos Anna...Beautiful!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Kay Ellen


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