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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I love quiet Sunday mornings...just made myself a cup of coffee and am catching up on missed blog posts on bloglovin'...ah perfection. I feel hopeful that it will continue to be a productive day! Yesterdays Christmas wrapping paper shopping went well but now I have a huge urge to wrap something! Patience is a virtue I guess.

You have seen variations of some of these photos two posts ago, I decided to put up the original versions along with a few much as I love coloured flower photos there is something calming about black and white ones which I equally enjoy.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday I leave you with this quote! xo

"If you look after goodness and truth, beauty will take care of itself"
- Eric Gill



  1. While I love the b&W versions the color ones were just what I needed to see this morning to wake me up. Such beauty, thanks for sharing. Love the quote too.

  2. I am the opposite of Randy....I am loving the black and white pics.

  3. lovely flowers :)

  4. woooh these pictures are perfect ! :D
    my personnal and fashion blog :)


  5. Aww those are such a beautiful photos...I love fresh flowers
    Wish you a great Monday

  6. you are a great photographer! Both the color and b&w are beautiful <3

  7. love the photos and the quote. glad you had a wonderful sunday. :) x


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