Happy Birthday Kosta!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello everyone!

I want to dedicate this post to my wonderful & amazing boyfriend Kosta who is celebrating his birthday today! Not sure what I would do without him! I had to dig deep to find these photos from my London files, few things off with these photos, wish the C was a K and my boyfriend does not drink coffee, pause for reaction...I'll never understand it but I do deeply admire it, especially when he has more energy than I do.

Hope you are all enjoying your week's...for those Harry Potter fans...who is excited!?? xo



  1. aww love the last photo and cute story, happy b-day to the BF!

    First time by your blog - your photos are great, I'll def be back and surprisingly not too much of a HP fan yet I'm going to a Thu night screening - can't wait!

  2. Happy B-day! And Harry Potter #7 was amazing!
    Please check out/follow my blog-I love yours.


  3. I'll be sure to pass along the bday wishes! xo


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