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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Paris Mondays | Our Engagement Photoshoot

Photography by: Sachin Khona

How do two Canadians from Toronto and a photographer from Vancouver (originally from the UK) wind up in Paris for an engagement shoot?  The answer is simple.  Fate.  It all started the first time I arrived in Paris, July 2009.  It was love at first sight.  The city embraced me and inspired me in a way I never expected.  I looked at my best friend who was travelling with me and said I just know I will be back here soon.  I could feel it with every bone in my body.  Sure enough thanks to a work promotion I was back 3 more times in the next year and a half.  On my last night in Paris, skype-ing with my (then) boyfriend Kosta I felt a small sting of sadness.  I'd been to Paris 4 times and he had never been…as much as I loved the city I didn't want to come back again without him.  Paris is the city of love & it was time I brought my love to experience it all.

Fast forward to post-proposal.  Kosta and I were getting married in the Fall of 2013 but were planning a summer getaway to Greece for a friend's wedding and since we would be in Europe anyway decided to add Paris to the trip mainly for The Paris Collection.  At the same time we had been looking to pick a photographer for the wedding (as a photographer myself I knew I needed to pick someone I trusted) I had interviewed Sachin on my blog about a year before I got engaged and always loved his work.  I found myself visiting his website frequently in awe of the stunning photographs, the way he captures weddings is simply brilliant.  The problem was he was in Vancouver we were in Toronto, how would an engagement session work….? And then a light bulb went off in my mind.  Sachin, is from the UK.  Sachin travels back to the UK in the summer to photograph weddings.  London is only a short train ride from Paris. Maybe, just maybe we will be both be there at the same time? Maybe, just maybe we could take our engagement photos in Paris? When Ko said he loved the idea we booked a skype call with Sachin the next week.  We immediately loved his energy and vibe and as fate would have it, he was going to be free the same time we were planning to be in Paris (!!!!)  The rest as they say is history, before we knew it we were all off to Paris together.

We will both cherish these photographs & the experience forever.  My favorite place in the world with my favorite person in the world captured magnificently by our friend & talented photographer Sachin Khona.

Sometimes, things work out in a beautiful serendipitous way.  Don't fight it, go with it, be grateful & count your blessings.  Life is beautiful.

Lots of love

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